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Monday, May 17, 2010

A few goodies!

I'm joining:
Linda for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays at Coastal Charm

Diane for 2nd Time Around at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Another slim pickens Saturday.
Out of 7 yard sales only 1 was worth stopping at.
But thats OK
I snagged a few aweome Treasures.

2 like new books (.50 each)
Waverly Inspirations
10 Minute Decorating
These will be going to Half.com....
after I peruse them ;)

And more of these little ornament balls ($1)...
they seem to be everywhere I go
AND they keep jumping into my arms!!
This is the 4th container I've bought.
Plans for them...no, not yet
I still have a few more months to figure that out.

I also picked up a bag of Mulling Spice (.25)
may come in handy for fall crafting,
an old Nancy Drew book (.50)
I liked the way it looked,
a bag of bells (.10),
and the best of all...

several bags of small faux eggs!
all colors (.25)
I've been waiting for my Parakeets
to lay enough eggs for me to dry and faux paint.
Now I don't have to...
more than enough to play with :):)

I spent a big $3.60
Yep, some goodies for sure


  1. My goodness gracious, your the second one that has scored big time and making me think I'm not the yard sale diva I thought I was, lol.

  2. That's a lot of value for the price! The ten minute decorating book looks interesting! My husband is retired Air Force... I noticed you said your husband was in the military as well. Thanks for following me; I am following you, too! Your things would fit right in my Prior Lives Party... Lezlee

  3. Great treasure for a small price. Lots of eggs to play with! Love the books also!

  4. Wow i remember buying a shelf worth $50+ but if you buy it when it is new it cost more than $400. Yours is really a big deal. happy 2nd time around Tuesday.

  5. Even for just 1 out of 7, you found some great things!

  6. Deb,
    You can pass on those books when you get finish with them:) HAPPY NTT!



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