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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Unfortunately I am quite behind with a lot of my postings.
My plate and emotions have been on over load as of late and then I was infected by viruses and malware from, if you follow me, you know who.
I lost everything, and I mean everything.
Thank goodness for my brilliant oldest son, B, who was able to repair it. C also helped a great deal and am so appreciative to them and also T who has been helping too.
Slowly I am getting back up to speed and getting things re- installed. It was a heck of a way of clean house...starting from a blank slate is so confusing for me, especially when my Windows has been upgraded. Quite a learning curve for me.
If only my short term memory worked better. Seems everyday I have to figure out how I did it the day before!! errggh!
So without further adieu, my 4th of July photos of fireworks that B and T were kind enough to bring over and share.
They also brought me a new camera which has a setting for fireworks!
So I just had to play ;)
Love the way it captures the arcs and sparks of light!

Thank you so much B and T for the fireworks show and wonderful camera! xoxoxo


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