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Friday, October 30, 2009

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fertilizer Friday ~ Flaunt Your Flowers!

It's Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time
Do pop over and see everyone's flowers!

We had an aweful wind storm for over 3 days this week.
Very detrimental to the garden.....
not only did it knock over a section of our fence,
but decapitated my only and only Tree Rose :~(
And I do mean decapitated.
The only thing that is left is the trunk!
I know it will reshoot, but gosh darn it!
These are the only decent ones that were left for me to shoot.

Reliable pink Geranium

Some Happy Rose Hips
yes, I know they aren't flowers,
 but hey I'm dragging the bottom of the barrel here!! LOL

And a little confused Narcissus

Till next Friday,
Happy Gardening!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mosaic Monday ~ Spooky

This being the last Monday before Halloween,
I decide it was time for a sPoOkY Mosaic for
Little Red House's Mosiac Monday.
Be sure to visit Mary and see everyone's mosaics!

Happy Halloween!


What do you do when you decide to be a poor country folk artist?

With little money (if any) you must be creative. Use your resources.
This artist did just that.
What do you find in the mountains of Idaho ?.........PINE TREES.
You're thinking something made out of wood......Right?
Not even close. Check out these pictures.
These bears are made from Pine Needles!!!!
A couple of hundred thousand of them in one large bear.
The pine needles were gathered off the ground, sorted, washed, trimmed and hand woven.
Over 8 months in making the life size bear!

On the Salmon River
 The Bear he calls
'Mountain Magic~ A New Life'

Bear with Carved Fish

'White Heart'. A Life Size Black Bear and 'Little Bear Innocence' the cub

To make a living the artist carves Antlers and other materials.

Moose, Deer, Elk, horn, wood, ivory and more..
Whatever he can find.

Check out all these Moose Antler carvings.

Nothing goes to waste.

His talented work should be seen.

Friday, October 23, 2009

He Cleaned!!!!!

I'm not sure what got into my youngest son (18).
He actually cleaned his room!
I was in disbelief as I watched him not only vacuum,
but Steam Clean his carpet!
He went through and cleaned out his closet, desk, dresser...everything!
I about fell over when he asked for the Swiffer Duster....

He had piles for the garage, trash and donate...

Like I said I have no idea where this came from......but I have a smile from ear to ear :~)

Maybe, it's because since I have started the Kitchen Cabinet Project (as it has come to be known) that I spoke about at the end of this post, I have not cleaned the house.
You know how it is, you get invlovled in something and
it becomes all consuming.
Not to mention it gets peppered with real life....like unwelcome guests that show up unannounced (Swine Flu), unexpected improvements, like the indoor pool you didn't know you were getting (bathroom drain rusted out), or maybe even an exciting visit to a professional (Tetnus vaccine after bitten by the local stray).
I'm sure you probably thought I had forgotten.
Nope, just plugging along on them!

So believe it or not it has been about
a month since I have cleaned house!!
Horrid I know!

I finished the First Phase of the "Kitchen Cabinets" earlier this week.
SO I took the next day and cleaned top to bottom!
It felt soooo good. That just happened to be the day HE cleaned too.
hmmmm, maybe since I hadn't cleaned for so long
then did, he noticed a difference?
I don't know or care.
Just happy, happy!

Now for a tease...
Here are a few pictures of 
"The Kitchen Cabinet Project"

This is what my Kitchen floor has looked like for the past month....


and my hands.....

I'm hoping "The Kitchen Cabinet Project" will be completed
within a couple weeks.
Barring any more unexpecteds.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fertilizer Friday! Flaunt Your Flowers!

Here we go with Fertilizer Friday with  Tootsie at Tootsie Time!
Do stop by to see everyone's plants this week.

I went out and took time to really look at my back yard.
Real life has been a roller coaster this past week,
so I hadn't had time to even go out there!

I was pleased to see my Blue Potato Plant blooming

Next there was the Citrus.

Oranges and blooms too!

Blooms on my little Lemon.

A bush Rose

And the Show Off of all......

one of my Lilacs!!!

Ok, I'm off to see everyone's horticulture talents :~)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

It's the first "Show off your Cottage Monday" over at The House in the Roses
Cielo is our hostess, so pop over for a visit!

I'm going to refer to this past post for today's Show Off.
Everytime I walk into this room, I feel a calm come over me.
I am so in love with it

Mosaic Monday ~ Back roads

It's Monday again so that means,
 another Mosaic Monday over at Little Red House.
Mary is our hostess, be sure to pop over for a visit!

Guess I was feeling a little melancholy when I chose to make today's Mosaic.
I decided to show some barns we have in the area.
Yes, I have a thing about barns too ;~)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trash To Treasure Party

It was slim pickens here for Yard Sales this weekend.

We stopped at an Estate Sale.
It was in it's third day, so there wasn't much left.
As we went from room to room, it brought back the memories of doing this just a few years ago at my Parents House.
The ladies who were having it were the daughters of the person.
I saw myself and my sister in them.
It was kind of hard going through this person's things......because I rememebr the feeling of strangers picking up and going through my parents things. But I reminded myself I was helping them out by buying things.....so onward we went.

First of all, why is it lately every sale has an Oil ClothTablecloth? 
And why do I feel the need to buy them??
This time one had a Holiday Theme with Holly and Berries, the other was a small pretty floral design $1 each. Also snagged a really pretty lace panel $1,
mirrored candle holder (needs a makeover before going to eBay) .25, the 5 glasses in the box were $1!

A bag of seeds $50, a little broken Christmas Tree (will be made into something, not sure what) .25, Jeannette Powder Jar with Swan on top that holds your lipstick (no chips, perfect! eBay bound) .25, an etched drinking glass with gold rim (cute) .25, assorted wooden spoons (another thing I can't pass up) and wooden handled kitchen utensils .25 each, a small sifter .25, and 2 old sprinklers .50 each.

I also found this pretty crocheted Valance (no plans for it yet) but for $2 I couldn't leave it there!

I'm linking up to Katie our host over at Along The Way With K & J 
for her Trash To Treasure Party 11. Be sure to pop over and see everyone's Treasure!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fertilizer Friday!

It's time for Fertilizer Friday over at  Tootsie Time.
Tootise is out host, be sure to pop over and
see everyone Flaunt their Flowers!

We had a nasty storm last week and got down into the 50's...yes, I know that's warm for some of you. The cooler temperatures sent the Sunflowers into a downward spin. But not before some of the Goldfinches had a bite.

I found one lone Bloom that hadn't been damaged by the storm.

Then look what else I found! Yup, ripe Strawberries!!

Wouldn't you know this week the temps went back up into the high 80's?!
The plants are a bit confused, to say the least.
I thought I'd go out into the backyard and do some pruning.....
this little lady changed my mind.

I'll wait a couple weeks to prune to make sure Fall is truly on it's way.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cinnamon Apples

Autumn brings with it warm and inviting scents.
Apples and Cinnamon spring to mind.
What if you could have those scents in your home all the time....

You can! Here's a quick little idea.


faux Apples
Mod Podge
wax paper
Spice mixture
(you can use whatever spices you like. I use cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg, even instant coffee sometimes. You just throw whatever amount you want to use into a bowl. I like to use a plastic container so when I'm done I can pop on the lid and save for another time)

Use a brush to coat your faux Apples with the Mod Podge.

Once coated roll them in your spice mixture.

Set on wax paper and let dry, about an hour.

You can add another layer of Mod podge
followed by the spice mixture, if you'd like.
It's totally up to you. 
Just be sure to allow to dry between layers.

They're ready to display when thoroughly dry.
They look really great in wooden dough bowls

Or antique baskets

Or anywhere you'd like a yummy scent!


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