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Friday, October 23, 2009

He Cleaned!!!!!

I'm not sure what got into my youngest son (18).
He actually cleaned his room!
I was in disbelief as I watched him not only vacuum,
but Steam Clean his carpet!
He went through and cleaned out his closet, desk, dresser...everything!
I about fell over when he asked for the Swiffer Duster....

He had piles for the garage, trash and donate...

Like I said I have no idea where this came from......but I have a smile from ear to ear :~)

Maybe, it's because since I have started the Kitchen Cabinet Project (as it has come to be known) that I spoke about at the end of this post, I have not cleaned the house.
You know how it is, you get invlovled in something and
it becomes all consuming.
Not to mention it gets peppered with real life....like unwelcome guests that show up unannounced (Swine Flu), unexpected improvements, like the indoor pool you didn't know you were getting (bathroom drain rusted out), or maybe even an exciting visit to a professional (Tetnus vaccine after bitten by the local stray).
I'm sure you probably thought I had forgotten.
Nope, just plugging along on them!

So believe it or not it has been about
a month since I have cleaned house!!
Horrid I know!

I finished the First Phase of the "Kitchen Cabinets" earlier this week.
SO I took the next day and cleaned top to bottom!
It felt soooo good. That just happened to be the day HE cleaned too.
hmmmm, maybe since I hadn't cleaned for so long
then did, he noticed a difference?
I don't know or care.
Just happy, happy!

Now for a tease...
Here are a few pictures of 
"The Kitchen Cabinet Project"

This is what my Kitchen floor has looked like for the past month....


and my hands.....

I'm hoping "The Kitchen Cabinet Project" will be completed
within a couple weeks.
Barring any more unexpecteds.....


  1. Funny how they can get the 'BUG' & nearly give a Mother a heart attack at the same time ... chuckle! Good son deserves a special dinner.

    Have a warm wonderful weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Boy, that's a memory moment, isn't it? I bet your smile will last a week on that one.
    Hugs...Tracy :)

  3. Now you say that if I don't clean for a month and then do mine might clean their rooms? I'm willing to give it a shot.

    Good luck on the cabinets. Can't wait to see them when they are done!

  4. That's hilarious about your son!

    Oh, and I did a kitchen cabinet project once. I wanted to jump off of a bridge by the end. You are brave. Good luck!

  5. ROFL! I have an 18-year old son and I understand completely the shock and awe you must have felt as you gazed upon the wonder that was your son that day!


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