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Thursday, December 27, 2018

End of 2018 and No Break in Sight

Dec. 23, 2018 sure won't let go without a hand grenade aimed at us!
We've been taking it easy trying to be calm since the fire next door 3 days ago. It's very unnerving and takes longer than you think when you have a history of PTSD. You feel very unsafe. 

We had another big scare yesterday, 12/22. Around 2pm we heard Tora barking and what sounded like fighting in the backyard. Couldn't imagine what was going on. She was at the fence which looked at first like she was fighting with our neighbors dogs through the fence. There's not a hole in the fence and besides they don't fight, but we could hear their's going crazy acting the same way.

M walked out to check and screamed RACOON!! About that time I saw it climb our small tree. Yelled for Tora to get inside, locked her in. Went looking for our other 2 smaller dogs, they were shaking under the table. OK all dogs locked in.  I and M cried as we immediately checked Tora for wounds. Searched and searched ~ couldn't find any this time, even though it was on top of her as it fell from the tree.   In the meantime, T & C had gone after the coon with a shovel and claw cultivator my Dad had made. The coon finally headed out but not before stopping and charging them even after they had stopped hitting it. They thought they were done, had turned to come in and luckily saw it coming from about 8 feet away. Had to defend themselves, it finally turned and left. 

This was 2 in the afternoon, what was it doing out??? It took a while for all of us to compose ourselves. We checked our security cameras ~  the 40 ponder nonchalantly walked down our sidewalk, used the stepping stones to the street curb then strolled across the street and went into the neighbors yard.  Never ran, just calmly walked.

We went next door to see if their dogs were OK, which they were. They're on board to get rid of the six that think these are their homes not ours. They have to be careful when they come out their front door because coons sit in their front tree and will jump them.

Not sure how many of you have followed my blog and the terrorism from these raccoons since '09. You can see blog 11/22/09, 11/25/09, 11/27/09,  10/08/12, 10/19/12, 12/12/12, 3/25/14, 5/16/165/24/16, 12/26/18.........

Anyway, dog door is locked up - can't let dogs out day or night on their own.  Need to pre-check for safety.
Frustrated, exhausted mentally which has affected us physically. Scared to even take trash out.

Wasn't even able to finish this post before #3 bomb was thrown.......next post.

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