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Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Bits about Lots of Things

We had gorgeous weather today! Rain is due Monday...everyone cross your fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs, hair....
you get the idea, we NEED RAIN :)
OK ,OK, I'm too cheap to turn the water on my gardens.......
T had his first after surgery follow up today. Everything looks fine. The Dr would like to see him again in a couple of weeks,
since T had "off" symptoms regarding his Gallbladder. His Dr wants to further follow him a little longer to further his knowledge in case someone else comes in with T's symptoms.
M,T,and C have early Dr appointments tomorrow morning. Yes, on a Saturday. This particular Dr only has face to face appointments on Saturdays. During the week you can get an appointment ~ but it's on Skype in her office. uh, yeh, Skyping with a Dr is a little weird and hard to really communicate with.
I keep telling them, I'll Skype but I'm not driving 1 - 1 1/2 hours to have them talk to a computer....they can do that at home.
Hey, Convenience for all I say!
She just doesn't seem to get it.
So until then, Saturdays it is.
But Note to self.......
make them for later in the day!
Their appointments start at 9am, so we need to leave by 7:30am
Oh yes, the children and I are jumping for joy ~ NOT!
Update on the Raccoons
They visited the other night.
Anything they would get into was battened down.....
except for the pond. Unfortunately, Angel is missing, so we are assuming they got her. She was the largest fish we had.
She was also the first fish we bought in 1997 for our first pond,
back when it was a molded one
and not the lined one we have now.

She was also the most tame and would come up to the dogs as they got a drink from the pond. She was about 15 yrs old.
I miss seeing her so much.
I found a package of bird netting in the garage, why I never saw it there before is weird...well, maybe not so much. You can barely walk in that place without something falling on you or tripping.....but that's another story for another day.
Anyway, I took and unwrapped this netting
 and covered the pond with it.
Then placed extra large rocks on top of it ALL
the way around.
Those little buggers are good at pushing rocks,
 so I looked for sharp edged or ones with corners that wouldn't be so easy as the round river rocks that mostly surround it.
We're left with 7 Koi.
2 that were babies from our fish,
2 other smaller Butterfly Koi,
that were purchased years ago, 
3 that were babies from my Sister's fish.
I'm trying to do everything I can
with what I have to save the rest.
Which is what I did back in 2009.
One thing I thought of was leaving a good portion of extra netting around the pond hoping they would get tangled, or not like the feeling of it. But I'm worried they may chew threw it.
They haven't showed up that I can see for a few nights.
I have some ''booby traps'' set up in the back so if they do show they will make noise, the dogs will hear them and wake us.
One thing I've tried so far was the wasp spray. It didn't keep them away...but I think my aim may have had something to do with it. 
I would have liked to get it on it's face...yeh, my aim sucks
I hate Raccoons.
On a lighter side
Due to the price of gas, needless to say, we don't have many outings.....except as you see Dr appointments! LOL
But we needed to get some cleaning supplies so off to the Dollar Store we went. Cleaning supplies and bread are 2 things we always so to the Dollar Store for.
How those other items get in the cart is beside me!
Anyway, after getting what we needed, I decided to go to Mountain Mike's Pizza for lunch. We haven't eaten out for SOOO long...  They have a lunch buffet deal that's not to too bad and very very yummy!
But boy, did we get there at the wrong time. Groups of workers came in right behind us. 8 - 10 workers per group. They were taking whole pizzas ----- per person. Now I'm sure they were hungry from doing all their hard work but I can only say one word,
My kids look at me, I look at them and we go get in line.
Now the restaurant only puts out 3 medium pizzas out at a time. So you can imagine how long we had to wait.
Well, once it was our turn...we acted like buzzards to!
No taking one or two pieces!
Give those plates kids, let me pile it on for you!!
I was kind of surprised at how I acted.
But darn it we paid too and weren't going to to take our two pieces and then have to wait again for another 2 pieces......
I watched and these guys did this not once or twice but THREE times!  How does this place stay in business if they do this on a regular basis?
Anyway, we got our tummies full way before they did
And had a great time

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