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Monday, October 15, 2012

Cottage Garden Party

I'm joining in the Fall Garden Party over at ECS

 Not much left blooming...
Mother Nature has been on the war path :/
We've had temps to 105, so even if the plant wasn't done blooming,
it's fried! Then much cooler weather and some rain.
Now we're heating back up again. Oh joy.
I never know what to put on when going out.
Through it all this little Rockin' Robin is trying 
to keep blooming.

The Lantana is enjoyed the heat,
but it is lucky enough to be near the hose.

 Even the Geraniums are confused 

For years the city owned the tree that came with the house
 and we weren't allowed to even trim it.
The poor economy hit and all of a sudden the tree was ours.
They came around one last time
 for pruning prior to releasing ownership,
 but ahem,
 "someone" wouldn't let them prune it.

The Dr. scheduled T's surgery for the next week
(this was 2 weeks ago)
  so we figured we better do the "major attack" prior to.
It's been 4 days since surgery and he is doing well, much better than when my daughter had her Gallbladder removed.

But I digress......

Back up to last week and look at the pile
we have ready for city pick up!
Our front tree now has a single trunk! yippee!
Yeh, we could barely move and had blisters
but it was sooo worth it!
Plus no pruning for a few years...oh yeh ;)

But Looky what my Pomegranate gave us!!!

And not only have the Raccoons returned, but I saw this Hawk eyeing my Parakeets!
These critters seem to think I have a smorgasbord out for them!!!
I know for a fact there are plenty of field mice a few blocks over, guess maybe he was tired of "the same old thing" :(

Shooed the Hawk away and knock on wood by keeping a watchful eye out at night for the Raccoons and shooting them with Wasp Spray when they show (even tho I need to practice my aim) their appearances are dwindling. We still check with flashlights and loud bangs before letting the dogs out at night.

This year sure seems to be flying by.
Anxious to start a new fresh year,
more on that at a later date.
Wishing all a great week!


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