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Monday, October 8, 2012

Please Not Again

I can't go through this again.
No, it's not what you think. Not the stuff I'm still going thru now.
The Raccoons are back.
B&T came to spend the night so I gave them my bed to sleep in. I slept on the couch. I had nightmares all night. The dogs had been barking like crazy. I kept shushing them thinking it was just stray cats in the backyard, like usual. This went on for a few hours....I would normally have gotten up quicker, but by having the nightmares I was terrified to "see who" was there.
I flipped on the light and flew open the door. Cyndar was like a runaway train, determined to get what was there...she knew what it was. Katie started nipping at Cyndar's side as they flew around the corner of the house. I heard a scuffle and figured they got into it, which still may have been what happened.
Or did they get the end of  Raccoon? Was Katie trying to stop Cyndar? Why was she nipping at her?
I didn't have my glasses on but noticed wet spots going across the deck. I went out to look and saw fresh wet Raccoon prints!!!
I was beside myself, pictures of Cyndar after the fight flew thru my mind. Once I realized what was going on I called for the dogs only to find them eating out of an over turned dog food container. I thought they must have knocked it over turning the corner. I got them in the house and replaced the the lid/feeding bowls on top of the food storage container.
I was so scared I was shaking. If anything were to happen to Cyndar or Katie there's no way I could afford any vet bill at this time.
I am so upset. The Coons have been gone since The Great Fight of 2009". Why come back now? This is about a month earlier than last time.
All these things are flashing through my mind as I get a cup of coffee ~ I will be on watch the rest of the night ~
With the warm nights we've been leaving the back door open in case the dogs or cats needed out,
what id it had come in the house,
why haven't I seen any evidence of them being there,
the dogs CANNOT go outside at night alone,
the cats either for that matter,
how can I get rid of them this time,
I know animal control is no help,
OMG! what if it had come in the house and headed for Tilly!
Sometimes she stays out on top of her cage at night,
that would have been just awful....
All these thoughts are running nonstop.
I sit down at the computer and realize I didn't warm my coffee up. So at 4am I'm at the computer drinking cold coffee, when the dogs start acting up again.
I look outside and there is the bandit into the dog food AGAIN!
It had just been scared off by dogs less than 30 minutes ago and it was already back! I started hitting the sliding door and yelling. I don't stop until it finally leaves, by that time I'm crying.
I can't  have the dogs hurt or killed by this marauder.
I have woken up C. He comes out and goes to check the backyard. T wakes up, as does B. None of us can believe they are back after all this time. Trying to figure out how to deter them...since we have tried everything before and had nothing work except a fight with Cyndar.
The dogs start barking again!!!!
Back in about 15 minutes this time!
Bold, brass balls on those devils.
We've decided to use wasp spray. It shoots 20 feet so we can do it from inside the house. It high tails it away. Did we hit it, probably not, scare it, hopefully. 
I know the police department recommends Wasp Spray over Pepper Spray due to the fact that you don't have to be close to the assailant. Praying it works on Raccoons as well as it does on humans.
The can has been by the front door for protection, it will now be moved to the back sliding door for a different kind of protection. I will replace the one for the front door ASAP.
3 visits in one night within 1 hour.
I'm sad and scared for my dogs and cats.
It's now 6am and I am sitting here drinking my cold coffee ~
 on watch.


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