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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Update on Ty

After being 2 1/2 hrs late, the nurses finally wheeled him into surgery. The Dr was just running late...what's new right? LOL
Anyway, he came through with flying colors. Doc says he had a lot of "sludge" in his Gallbladder and even took photos for us...oh yay?
He  was really awake in recovery. I remember my daughter was so sleepy and slept for quite awhile after hers.
He was talking and joking. A few minutes later he was propped up and eating crackers and drinking apple juice. Another 45 mins and he was walking out the door to the van!
I was worried about getting to the pharmacy to get his new prescriptions filled before they closed...we live in a little town and the streets roll up a little early here.
Luckily M and C showed up at the hospital so they visited a bit then headed back to get T's meds.
We all met back home about the same time.
Got in our comfys and had nice hot soup for dinner.
As usual is was freezing in the hospital and of all days to pick for rain, thanks Mother Nature!
He has pain meds so is at least comfortable, laying on the couch watching TV.
Glad that is behind us, onto the next hurrdle life throws at us.


  1. You did good!!! It's all okay....onward and upward!! hugs to all....cleo

  2. Yeah for thoughtful doctors who take pictures!! :)


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