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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Don't Beleive Everything You Read #coontrap #amputation

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know
that from time to time we have major issues
with nasty varmints called Raccoons, like
here, here, here, here, and here.

I'm old enough by now to know this.
But sometimes after researching products,
upon products because you are at your wits end.
you feel you have finally found something
out of desperation that will hopefully work.

Enter ''The Dog/Cat Proof Coon Trap
features a fully enclosed dog, cat proof design''.
Note: dog, cat proof.

Yes we bit - after reading all the reviews, watching You Tube videos, researching the manufacturer and anything else we could find to be sure our pets would not be harmed.

Coons could get in while going for the bait,
trigger trap. Then you relocate.

Unfortunately, we paid the ultimate price.
My sons cat somehow got her leg tangled in the trap.
M was the only one at home at the time.
Heard her and tried to untangle her only to be bitten.
Bynx was writhing and of course hysterical, as was M.
She called us, just happened we were already on the way home from getting T and C's xrays, but were still outside Turlock.
I flew as fast as I could home.

We divided and conquered in a matter of minutes -
T untangled Bynx, C wrapped her in a towel,
I got the carrier down and called the vet while
M tended to her wounds.
We were told to bring Bynx right in.
Hung up and called Dr. Canga re. M.
She has received the TDAP shot last year,
so she didn't need a tetanus shot,
but was told they called in an antibiotic as a precaution.

Got to the vet, thank God it was Dr. Woultee's day to be there. Xrays were taken.
To make a long story short, amputation was decided.
Due to the amount of physical and mental trauma she had gone thru, it was decided to wait until May 24th to amputate.
She was kept comfortable over the weekend
with pain meds and an antibiotic was started.

She went through the surgery well.
Once we got her home, she was back to her old self.
She wanted to be petted, she even purred later that night.
What aggravated her more was the E-collar not her missing limb.

She had already been walking on 3 legs since
being tangled in the trap,
so for her that wasn't the issue.
She drank water, ate, and peed ~ ALL great things!

As I write this I have mixed emotions.
I'm relieved and pray that all goes well with her recovery.
She'll stay in one of our dog kennels for the
time being to limit her activity.

But now something is wrong with Katie.
She's lethargic, not eating and bloated.
I was so focused on Bynx' drop off yesterday
I didn't watch the dogs eat.
I think she ate hers, Bella's and Tora's breakfast.
There was still food in Tora's dish, that means
she was so full she couldn't eat anymore.
Sometimes Bella and Tora just aren't that hungry,
I put their dishes up so Katie can't get to them.
So I'm waiting to call the vet as I write this.
I'm hoping that is all it is.
She has been monitored for sometime due to her age.
Her lab work points to Cushing's Disease,
but she has no symptoms as of yet.
I'm hoping this isn't one of them.

The raccoons win again :(

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