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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Rabid Raccoon?

Aug. 12 -
Spent most of the night at Taylor ER Vet. The boys were going out to get into the car with Tora. A raccoon jumped out of our tree onto Tora. 😱They had no idea it was even there. Luckily she didn't get torn up as bad as Cyndar did, she was able to grab it off her shoulders and toss it. But it kept coming back for more. T was able to finally get a good kick in and get Tora in the house. The vet said there was something wrong with it for it to attack without being provoked and to report a rabid raccoon. Will do come Monday. She also said we have every right to shoot to protect our property ~ our dogs are our property. Out come the guns. We've seen 6 - 8 HUGE raccoons in the front yard the last few weeks. Scary. It could have jumped on T! They are out of control and SO aggressive. Tora is cleaned up, on antibiotics, got another Rabies shot and the cone of shame 😥 We finally got home about 4am, she's stopped shaking and is at last asleep. Wish I could say the same, I had just fallen asleep when the alarm went off. No worries tho, we've been drinking to calm our nerves. Feeling pretty good 😋 Gonna be one of those liquid or sleeping days.....😴

Aug. 13 -
Tora is doing better, Thank God.
Attact reported. NPD Animal Control wish more would report attacks due to rabies epidemic.
Tora is quarantined 45 days per vet even w/3 yr. booster, 8 mths.after reg. 3 yr. vaccine. She's still on antibiotic & pain meds, but now walking on injured leg. 💖 Been up with her the last few nights. Hoping to sleep tonight 😴

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