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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cool Clear Water

''.........Dan can you see that big, green tree
where the water's running free
and it's waiting there for you and me,
water, cool, clear, water''
Bob Nolan,1936

My make do contraption is to try to keep the
Raccoons out of my Koi pond.

But Bynx has figured a way to reach for a fresh fishy drink.
Where's there a will there's a way, I guess.

That's probably why almost all my big Koi are missing.
Just babies left. Hoping they don't get as friendly as my larger ones did. When ever the dogs would go for a drink they would swim right up to them, probably what got them caught.
I hate to admit this, but each time I see Raccoon Road Kill (and there has ben more than usual lately), I cheer inside. Don't get me wrong I love ALL animals and don't wish any harm. I just wish they would leave my backyard off limits.


  1. Hi Deb, Love the fix to protect the Koi. I know the Raccoon can be a problem. We had them bother our goose years ago and had to finally trap them and have them taken away. Hope your project helps.
    Still trying to find the new dial soaps. So far no one is carrying them. I'll keep trying. Still have a few more days. Thanks so much!!


  2. Same here, they get into my garden and especially my strawberries! I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I received my coupons! thank you again! I can't wait to try this out!!


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