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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes Review

Summer is right around the corner.
Are you ready for all that heat?
And take off your sweats and sweaters?
yeh, me neither!
I used to eat better when I was younger...maybe that's what happened to my poor body!
It's definitely not ready for swimsuit weather.
The hardest thing for me is finding something appealing, quick, and nutritious in the mornings,
 especially since I'm not hungry until about 2 pm.
So a cup of coffee it is!
Sometimes I go all day until dinner without eating. Yes, the completely wrong thing to do, but it has become a habit. My days are busy and if I stop to eat, then I'm done for the day. My energy drops and I can't get motivated again. Probably because I'm eat ing the wrong things. Nacho's or toast isn't exactly the best lunch ideas. No protein equals bad planning.
I've tried those powdered protein shakes you can make, but with dogs jumping because they're hungry, meds I need to give them, the phone ringing, needing to check my email, well, you get the idea. No time to make a shake up. Maybe it's just laziness, but it seems once I'm up I hit the floor running and don't stop.
That's why I was excited to be chosen by BzzAgent to try Kellogg's Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes! It showed up! Yippee! 
  But Special K is coming to my our rescue! They realize just how busy we women are and that we take better care of everyone else than we do ourselves.  Special K has come up with the New Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes in 5 delicious flavors.
The Facts
These delicious shakes are less than 200 calories per serving and includes 10g of protein and 5g of fiber.
They also provide nearly 1/3rd of the daily value of key vitamins and minerals in women's often lacking diets, giving you the nutrition you need to kick start your day and help you stay on top of your healthy goals from the start.
The convenient bottles are ready to go and can travel anywhere plus contain as much caffeine as a cup of coffee!  (aw, they thought of me!)
My Opinion
In the Summer I like to start my morning with ice coffee, so these will be right up my alley and so much more healthier for me.
Having it all ready to just grab and drink makes it the easiest and healthiest in my book.
And I gotta have that caffeine in the morning to get that jump start!

I tried the Chocolate Mocha protein shake first (hey, it's chocolate!) I thought it was creamy, chocolate-y, and filling! I replaced my routine coffee with this shake this morning and I was very pleased. It gave me energy and tasted like a sweet coffeehouse drink but with less calories! Overall, this shake worked great for me and I can't wait to try the vanilla flavor tomorrow! 
 I thought the Vanilla Cappuccino protein shake was delicious. It did not leave that chalky after taste that I find with so many other vanilla shakes. I felt it was the perfect blend of cappuccino and vanilla flavor. I drank this over ice which made it that much better. I like the bottle size, not too small not too big. This is a perfect morning shake to go on hectic mornings when I need to get out the door. Plus, the protein and extra nutrients are an added bonus!
I'm a BzzAgent and I received a product sample from BzzAgent for review.

 All my opinions are my own.


  1. Hi Deb, These sounds great and look delicious. Love the grab and go convenience. Thanks for the review.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. These sound pretty good.


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