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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Dance Party, Shower and Raccoons - What do They Have in Common?

By now you all have probably think I've fallen off the face of the Earth, I assure you I haven't!

I'm still hanging around, just May and June
are tremendously busy months for us!

I'm happy to report Cody is doing extremely well with his surgical recovery.  Another week and his throat should be done healing.
His nose will need probably another 2 - 3 weeks.
He no longer has labored breathing, but sounds normal now,
which means you can't hear him breathing when he's at rest.
His snoring is SO quiet it's unbelievable!
So to say his surgery was a success is an understatement!


We had a wonderful Mother's Day/Birthday Celebration
with B&T  along with T's family.


Then there was Amanda's Bridal Shower (my cousin's fiancée)!
We had wine tasting at Tenuta Vineyards in Livermore.

We had a designated driver, thanks Tanya!!
My favorite daughter-in-law ;)

We all had fun grading the wines with and
without their pairings.

What a difference. I've never had pairings when I've gone wine tasting before. Depending on the wine there were different flavors of cheeses, olives, and fruit. I was surprised how different the wine tasted after eating what they were served with.
Very interesting.

Some tasted better, then again, some didn't.
These two face's tell the story. LOL

I hadn't been out to that part of Livermore for quite some time (many, many years). VA Hospital was about it out that direction. Good thing we had directions - I recognized NOTHING!

Yes, things have changed, Vineyards have popped up all over. Enjoyed the beautiful scenery all the way there,
and Tenuta was no exception.

Everything was beautiful.....

including the Bride to be!

The haul ;)

Lunch was delicious and then came the desserts!
I was only able to get photos of two of the kinds that were served.

Bride and Groom chocolate covered Strawberries
Darling...to die for!

 Cupcakes with Wedding Ring toppers!
Too cute!

 Everyone had a good time.
We walked away with our tummys stuffed,
felling pretty darn good.

Wishing Chris and Amanda all the
Best Wishes in the world!


The Raccoons are back.
I think they are using our roof and trees as their highway.
When Tora goes out she holds her head up in the air to catch their scent, not down on the ground. Then she jumps on an old wheel barrow I have planted with Strawberries under the Cherry Tree to get higher. We're locking the dogs and cats in at night. Don't want anyone to get injured from those nasty things, like poor Cyndar.
We have a plan in place, but we need to be home in the morning when/if it works. We've been bombarded with Doctor appointments lately, so we haven't had to put it in motion.....yet.
They're time is coming....


I've been busy working on several projects also.
That will be for another day.
This post has already gotten a bit long and
I need to head out for a smog check.
Busy, busy, I tell ya!

Wishing everyone a great day!!
BTW, A Dance Party, Shower and
Raccoons all have one thing in common.
Keeping this Grammy on her toes!!

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