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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to My One and Only Baby Girl!!!!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!
June 29th is my Baby Girl's Birthday!
It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms.
Oh how you've grown ~
You've come a long way from Snakes
to spring horses
and real ones ~
Princess Leah

 to a Ballerina,
to your cute 
adorable self!

The sweetest little sister

to big brother Brandon
then the best big sister to Ty and Cody.
 You've sent wishes up into the air
and made more down on Earth.
A true child of the '80's ~

and now~
Sweet innocence.....
Did I say sweet innocence?
 You seek out your own direction

 I love how you make me laugh
 You are so much fun!
But most of all I am proud of the smart, caring and
beautiful young woman you have grown into.
I'm the proudest Mom in the world to be able to say
''That's my Daughter!'', and my best friend.
I love you with ALL my heart,
which is something that won't ever change.
Through all our trials and tribulations,
I admire the woman you've become.
You're always right there by my side,
 keeping me strong
and to help with whatever needs to be done.
Happy Birthday Melissa
I only wish all the best and happiness for you!


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