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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Mason Jars have been a huge trend recently.
Seems you can't go anywhere without seeing them
from solar lights to chimes, 
from sippy cups to soap/lotion dispensers,
from vases to candles,
even melted jars for spoon rests!
It's great if you have Mason Jars to use for your
projects but don't fear if you don't!
Recycle any jars you have into useful functional beauties!
Wash them out well, tint or paint if you like
and let your imagination run. 
Upcycling what we can to keep out of
landfills is the important thing!
I've shown you projects I've made in the past,
 some from Mason Jars, some not.

Tinted Mayonnaise Jar with Solar Light tubes

Tinted Pickle Jar with Utensils
Spaghetti Sauce Jars
Red and Crystal Flat Marbles with knife handles
Tinted with crystal glitter inside and utensils

Gallon jar with nest, faux Quail and eggs.
BBQ utensils hang below,
fork in middle has a cork on each tine!
 No one getting hurt with this ;)
Too cute hanging near the grilling area

Small Salsa Jar filled with the prettiest
 faux pink Rose Petals inside.
and smaller utensils.
Perfect for the Fairy Garden
Now to try your hand!


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