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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hollyhock Time

I know I've been a bit sparse lately,
that darn thing called life again :/
My Son and his Wife had surgeries, then
back to court regarding ''The Divorce''.
Sometimes things get all consuming
and overwhelming.
But I'm trying to get back on that horse and
 ride like the breeze! ;) LOL

It's Hollyhock Time once again and they are just
 grinning and a bloomin'
Of course, I love their beautiful flowers

but most of all I love how they can take care of themselves
and reseed on their own without any help from me!
I even collected seeds and
sold them in my Esty Shop this year.
These Old Fashioned flowers are my favorite
for a Cottage Garden look.

My Balloon Flower came back this year 
and is also in bloom.
Just love it's shade of blue

One of my Hydrangeas in full bloom.

And my Japanese Maple is still alive!!
Glory Hallelujah!
I have such a hard time growing these, so frustrating,
especially when all the sitting areas at the hospital have nothing but Japanese Maples and they are huge!

Then it was fruit pickin' time,
which the Mockingbirds were only to happy
to let me know about.
Good thing they did,
see the empty vines here and there.
yep, I share

 Great crop of Nectarines this year
So nice to be able to go to the store and
NOT buy the outrageously priced produce!
And what we don't grow the Farmers Market in Gustine
Cukes 6 for $1.00
Huge bag of Cherry Tomatoes for $2.00
Locally grown Honey and even Olive Oil
all much cheaper than in the stores and tastes better too!

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