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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tips for You....I'l​l bet you'll find several new ideas!


  1. Love the tips, Deb! They are all keepers, now I just have to remember them, lol. I love the idea of toasting two pieces of bread in one slot and the reheating of leftovers tip. And the staple remover for holding those blasted keyrings apart is genius, too! Thanks so much for these, I will definitely be using them all.

  2. These are awesome tips! My husband was impressed with the ketchup bottle top on the vacuum to clean electronic items.

  3. These are all wonderful tips. Esp liked the frozen sponge and the ice cube coffee. (Since I like powered creamer, I think I'd go ahead and add it to the pot before pouring into ice cubes.) My favorite tip is to use a magnet for finding studs. My hubs will love that one. And, really smart idea about how to get around when overseas. Now, did you mean that highways that end with a letter all exit to the Left? Thanks for all your tips!!!


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