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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Applegate Zoo

When D comes to visit she also stops in at some of her relatives up north then heads down to visit us. Her Aunt C lives in Fresno so we usually meet in Merced since it's midway for both of us. While they visited we took the kidlets to the Applegate Zoo. It's a small zoo which takes maybe 20 minutes to walk all the way through.
I haven't been there for some time and was so surprised at all the changes. Entrance used to be 50 cents for adults, children under 12 free. It is now $3 for adults and $2 for kids, under 5 free.

I can definitely understand the price increase., it's not cheap to keep even a small zoo going. We used to donate and" adopt"/support animals there until the economy tanked and simply can't afford it anymore. We're very disappointed that we couldn't keep doing it.

What I found so disturbing was that half the cages were empty. it seemed all the animals were depressed. So sad to see them mope about.  The monkeys weren't even throwing their poo at us :(

Red Fox


Alpaca, not even interested in us.
This area used to be filled with pygmy goats climbing over each other to be fed by visitors.
 You could buy feed, but not anymore.
It was the most fun to feed them :(

Sad looking bear
This was the most active area thanks to the Peacock strutting his stuff, upper left corner.
The black Swan was gorgeous
White Crane
Black Swan and White Crane...ebony and ivory?

Such pretty white feathers,
it never moved, just stood there. 

The Peacock was showing off for
the Peahen in the upper right corner......
needles to say, she wasn't interested or impressed...
neither were the Rooster or Swan :)

Well, here's a great photo of his back side! LOL

He finally turned around....


Letting his beautiful feathers down

reminds me of a wedding dress train

Beautiful bird

Thank you dear Peacock for making the visit worthwhile.
I cam away feeling sick. This small town is lucky enough to even have a zoo, no matter what size. So sad to see it go down hill. Example: several cages were filled with Parakeets and the petting zoo is no longer. So sad, indeed.  It used to be so vibrant with such a variety of animals. Yes, it's small, but the city is so lucky to even have it. I pray they are able to get back on track and make it as it once was. It would be devastating to see it close.  


Applegate Park Zoo

1045 West Twenty-Fifth Street
Merced, CA 95340


  1. The peacock was beautiful. The zoo we have around here upgraded years ago and the admission prices have quadrupled, which allowed them to expand the habitats and cages, etc. The animals, however, still look depressed. I don't think there is a good way to display live, wild animals, since this is not their native habitat. It will be interesting to see what the zoos will do in the future.

  2. Stumbled on to you're blog entry and just thought I would let you know that our little Zoo is doing well! Every exhibit has animal! We have many pygmy goats to feed along with Sparky the Alpaca. We are down to 3 monkeys though. :( but we do have a new exhibit for the tortoises. All the animals are happy and playing with there fellow companions and new toys. The Bears are happy and play in the water all day long too.


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