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Monday, March 25, 2013

Moss Landing Road Trip

My friend from Wyoming came out for a visit, as she does every year. We have certain places we visit on a regular basis, traditions if you will. One of her daughters and 3 grands came with her this year. The little ones have grown so much since the last time they came with her. They are old enough now to really enjoy our road trips. Z is 4 and W is 3. The oldest, T, is now as tall as I am...yes, I know that's not saying much. But it has been about 4 years since we've seen her. Best feeling in the world to see T again, who is on her way to becoming such a beautiful young lady.

Moss Landing is an always must. Just HAVE to see the Otters at the docks.!

This little guy gave quite a show for us.

busy bathing,
and just plain showing off.


Unknown footprints in the sand
(yeh, I have a thing for footprints)

There is nothing like beach combing to find Treasure!

W and T on the hunt
D was able to get close
 enough to snap this awesome photo
My T finding Treasures

Why do I love barnacles?
Who knows. I just find them very interesting.
Maybe because they remind me of Kodiak, AK
Abandoned dock in the distance

Time to move on, tide is coming in
T still on the hunt ;)
I have been to many beaches from the west coast to the east, but have NEVER seen a Jellyfish this size. Unbelievable!
The sight for the day!

I had T put his foot near it for size comparison.
FYI his shoe size is 11.
 It was about 18" in diameter and about 4-5" thick!!
"Jellyfish Humongous"!
♫"on a 3 hour tour"♫
Grounded abandoned ship.
T,T,B,W,Z and D enjoying the hunt...
no beaches in Wyoming ;)

B,W,Z and T finding keepsakes
W,T and T 
Yep, more barnacles :)

T found a curved wooden plank among the rocky edge.
 Is it part of a boat?
Time to head back with all our Treasures.
W tells Grandma, "Just one more!"
Tiny W's footprints in the sand.
L♥ve this



  1. Hi Deb, What a fun day at the beach with loved ones from afar. Lovely pics and so inspiring for warmer days ahead. That jelly fish is huge. WOW I loved seeing the comparison to a size 11 shoe.
    Wishing you a special Easter week and thank you for stopping by while I was away from my blog with visiting family. We had fun, but I am exhausted. LOL
    Hugs!! CM

  2. Looks like you all had a blast...

  3. It looks like everyone had a blast - what a great find - I've never seen a jelly outside of an aquarium.


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