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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cottage Craft Room Party

Party time in the ECS Craft Room once again!

My craft room has been rather quiet.
Life has been throwing it's trials and tribulations at me.
 I'm handling them as best I can...
which can take a lot of energy.

I was able to muster up enough umph to do a much needed makeover
on an old wire bird cage I rescued many Moons ago.

I apologize for the photos, they should have been taken in a better location.
 But, hey, at least I took them ;) 

Simple white wire decorative birdcage with some flowers tied on top 

 I added some old doilies on the bottom of the cage. I felt anything too thin would just fall right through. These doilies had stains, holes, etc. and were just waiting for a project.

I placed a bird nest I formed from prunings from the garden inside
and added a few faux eggs

I removed all the flowers and revamped them making them look much fuller and fresher. Searching through my Treasure Drawer I came across a Dollar Tree bird from long ago. I pulled off her legs (she didn't feel a thing) and sat her near her nest.

Just a little freshening up for Spring.
I like the way it turned out


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