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Monday, April 23, 2012

Frugal Decorating Ideas

Joining Kimberly and Courtney for
their Monday Pinning Party

This week I was looking for some frugal decorating ideas.
Seems most of us are on a budget these days, and even if we aren't why spend when you can recycle and you what you have!

Love these creative ideas ♥

Collect glass jars and mod podge doilies or lace on the then embellish.
Perfect for candles but also great for storage.

And how about wooden hangers turned towel holders!

Love using old crates for displaying collections or even just for storage

The best is that you can stack in any combination

How clever to use old garden fence as window treatment

How much easier can it get?
Using removed pages from a book to make a nostalgic looking banner

This is the easiest, yet it is so cottagey romantic and nostalgic


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