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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Hawk Babies are Hatching! and a Sad Update On Phoebe

The sight of a new life...amazing

Live cam link here
But the poor things are in the snow,
thank goodness Mama can keep them nice and warm.

On a much sadder note Phoebe's (hummer) nest was attacked
by a larger bird and was completely engulfed including the babies, Joplin and Heather.
It is believed that the larger bird was a Hawk. From the cam you are only able to see a shadow circling in the leaves surrounding the babies and then the camera was knocked out of place and the nest was gone.. They would have been ready to fledge in another week or two.

But that doesn't stop Phoebe.
She has already made another nest and has laid an egg. 

Wishing Phoebe a safe clutch.


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