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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barn Raising

 One fun? thing we did while D was here was help B and T build a shed...
(Bet she didn't think we'd put her to work on her vacation.
Anyone else need a get away?? ;) LOL)

I know it is not a barn, 
BUT we needed as many people as it takes to build a barn for this darn shed!

D and L got to hold the sides up...such a shame I'm too short ;)
They did find me a job.
It was to hand the screws, washers, and nuts..
no wait that's wrong. 
It was bolts, washer, nuts, in that order, to whoever was on the ladder.
In this case it was B.


 Gees, screws, bolts, can't they all use the same?
Just when I get the rhythm down they switch it up!

Never believe Home Depot when they say 
"it will just take a few hours to set up".....

Oops I think there's a hole in the roof :/

Yup, I don't think T should be sticking out of there

Lily even supervised for a while,
but she wasn't much help.

Mmm T's BBQ'ing

Oh now I see why Lily wanted us to hurry..she wants to eat

No, feigning starving won't help Lil

Fix that hole!

Well no wonder it took so long with this bunch of misfits for the crew!
Thanks for your finger up my nose T
and for the bunny ears B...
No respect I tell ya!


Yes we can eat now Lily ♥


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