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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Road Trip ~ part 1

When Dawn comes for a visit we always make our annual trek to Monterey.
It's a given.
We always stop in Moss Landing to see the Otters,
another given.

After searching and searching we finally saw a little brown head poking out of the water.
Isn't he cute!?

He wasn't very active, but it was really cold and windy,
 so we thought he was just staying in the water to keep warm.
awe poor cute little guy

While checking out all the boats

we noticed some Ducks

a Mama and her babies.
so we oohed and awed ♥

The extended family were following them...

As the babies got closer to the Otter, we noticed that he really hadn't moved much at all.
How odd that he was just floating there..
was he hurt? or dare I say even dead?


he turned out to be a piece of driftwood

I slunk back into the car.....

...........to be continued


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