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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's That Noise?

Shh, I can barely hear it...

OMG! I think it's silence!
It's been so long, I wasn't sure what is was.

All three kiddos went to oldest kiddos
and all are tubing down the river today
along with more friends.
Then they are staying the night.

So I have 2 days and 1 night by myself.
(doing the happy dance)

Now don't get me wrong.
I LOVE all my children.
It's just once in a while....
it's kind of nice to be alone.

What to do, what to do?

Let's see I could....


watch tv

play on the computer



just sit




So many things,
so little time! LOL

Well, I'll tell you what I know I will be doing......

It's Margarita Time!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!
(thank you JB)

Yep I have a bucket of Margaritas made.
Yes, I said BUCKET.

We stopped in at a fairly new party store a few months ago to check it out.
They had buckets of drink mixes.
My son grabbed the Margarita mix.

It's really cool.
It comes with the mix and all you add is the Tequila.
We've gone thru a couple buckets so far.
We've been using the bucket but adding our own
mix and adjusting the Tequila to our own taste.

The bucket has a spout on it so if you'd like your Margarita on the rocks you can.
Or if you like them frozen you pop it in the freezer.

We like them frozen...especially in this heat wave.
It doesn't freeze all the way due to the alcohol.
The ice is a little different from what we're used to.
It's more Snow Cone like than slushy like.

What I love the most is that if you just want one
you can open the freezer and scoop it out.
No more making a big blender full when it's not needed.

Ok got the Margaritas...

need something to eat, what goes with Margaritas...

mmmm Nachos!

Don't you just love the tea towel?
It's by Shirley of Shirley Stitches.
I was lucky enough to be her swap partner
awhile back but she has lovely items in her
Etsy Shop

♫ Heaven, I'm in Heaven ♫

singing fades into the Sunset.....


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