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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tear Open Those Gifts! (part 9 ~ final installment) Whew!

We all gathered the next day to watch the Mr and Mrs open their gifts.
You'll notice we're just a tad drained.....

with the exception of baby Devin!
He was still on full :)

They received so many nice things including that all necessary money.
Did you see the embroidered dish towels?
You just don't get things like that much anymore..
I tried to sneak them in my purse but that
Mrs Newton has hawk eyes I tell ya!!

Then we devoured leftovers from the reception....
it was all sooo delish!

So if you've stayed through ALL my posts I thank you!
You have some endurance!

I will leave you with two photos; the bouquet and 

Mr and Mrs Brandon Newton 


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