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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Day ~ Let's Play Dress up! (part 4)

Time to complete the look!
Everyone into your Wedding Clothes!

The Bouquet
with the ribbon she made.

Here come the nerves

Tanya's Mom, Linda, adjusts her veil

Air needed...
we all were in the office changing
and was getting rather stuffy.

Getting the veil just right

Everyone taking a breath

Bridesmaid, one of the Flower Girls and Maid of Honor

Another sweet Flower Girl

Bridesmaid (my daughter)

The Cake!

The Groom flanked by his Best Men (all 3 of my Sons)

Waiting, waiting....

Tanya's Brother and my boys

Tanya's Dad

The Tables

Tanya made all the Centerpieces

Tanya's Parents and Brother

The Ceremony will be next time!!


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