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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morning of The Wedding Set Up (part 2)

Morning of The Wedding we all met back
at the venue to decorate and finish setting up.

A line was run between 2 trees so tulle
could be draped across to make an "entrance" to the aisle.

The difficult part was making it stay were it was suppose to.
But Tanya pinned it and we kept our fingers crossed
no strong winds would come up ;)

The lattice needed a bit more ivy...

leave it to the Groom to get my "best side"!

Tulle was also draped across the lattice

Tanya made these beautiful tulle and rose "bouquets"
to place at all the posts
and as "tie backs" for the entrance.

Setting the Sand Ceremony table
and Brandon advertising Rock Star Energy Drink

The outside completed

Lets peek in the hall...

Remember the Card Box Tanya and I worked on?
Here it is completed

Sand Ceremony items and Flower Girls Baskets.
Tanya made all the centerpieces.

Ready for the celebration!

Brandon showing he can handle two at once
which is really good because twins run heavy on both sides!

The men go one way and the women go another

 not to see each other until the Ceremony.


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