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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal and Pre-Set Up (part 1)

My Son's Wedding last weekend was gorgeous!
Everyone had the best time
and we all were so sore the following day
from SO much dancing!
Yes, a good time was had by ALL!

Now, I took tons of photos,
add to that all the family and friends on Facebook
and there is probably no where to escape them.

And most definitely not here!!
I will dividing them into sections over the week,
so if you aren't interested...(you better run and hide!)
because this week will be all about the Wedding!!!

The night before the Wedding we had rehearsal
and did a pre-set up so we knew
where to place everything the next morning.

Brandon and Tanya (bride and groom) made this arch all by hand.
One side says:
Love ♥ Faith ♥ Honor ♥ Trust
I am amazed at the Roses they carved on each end.

The other side says:
Tanya 6-25-2011 Brandon
with more Roses.

♥♥ Absolutley gorgeous keepsake ♥♥

The couple in the red shirts are the DJ's,
the lady in the black & white dress is the Officiant.

Going over what will happen during the Sand Ceremony

while the rest of the wedding party looks on
Time to walk out...

announcing the happy couple...

Ok once more from the top....

My middle Son (Best man) and Bride's Cousin (Bridesmaid)

My youngest Son (Best Man) and my Daughter (Bridesmaid)

Friends of the Bride (Maids of Honor)

Parents and Bride

vows....needed to hold those pose for a bit.
Baby Devin needed a diaper change ♥♥ lol

Placed the lattice back drop

Groom (with assistant) reminding who will do what and when! LOL


  1. Just look at that beautiful arbor! What a great idea...looking forward to more.

  2. I'm impressed. Tha arch is beautiful and so creative. I love it when things are more personal like this. Best wishes to Tanya and Brandon!

  3. Was thinking of you over the weekend and was sure you all were having a Wonderful time ;))
    The arbor is Beautiful :) ,,, I can just see it with beautiful roses climbing it ;)
    Can't wait to see more!
    Again, the Very Best to the Happy Couple :)
    Hugs back atcha ~


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