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Monday, January 31, 2011

Bloomin' Tea

With all that's been going on lately I decided my kids
and I needed something new and different.

We decided to try Blooming Tea.
Easy, warm and hopefully comforting.

What the heck is Blooming Tea you ask?
Wikipedia defines it as "a small bundle of dried tea leaves and flowers bound together with cotton thread into a ball. When steeped, the bundle expands and unfurls in a process that emulates a blooming flower. Flowers commonly used in flowering teas include globe amaranth, chrysanthemum, jasmine, lily, hibiscus and osmanthus." 

We heated the water.

Cute little bundles eh?

Once boiling, turned the heat off.

Dropped in the tea bundle and waited.





tasty too...

And best of all...

it made us smile.

Friday, January 28, 2011


lost is what I feel
34 years is a long time
how will I ever heal
i always tried to tow the line
but I was stupid, I was dumb
nothing could I do right
all this hurt just made me numb
i suffered alone in silence

i was embarrassed so
we were the happy couple
what would people say if they were to know
fists, furry, rage
clean it up, patch it up
all is fine, it never happened.
the shattered cup
the broken vine, a spirit flattened

our children paid the toll
did you ever truly love us?
we certainly couldn't tell by your actions
here a shove, there a push
you always had to buy the best of things
we were never enough for you
hurtful, mean, unfaithful
liar, boastful, fool

you've made your bed
and in it you lie
enjoy it my love
for alone, you will die.

deb newton 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fertilizer Friday ~

This was originally written a few weeks ago,
 pre-life upside down....

It's tootsietime!!

Well, we've finally been dumped on....

no, not lucky enough for snow...

I mean leaves

leaves from my neighbors Weeping Willow...

and from our 'no body knows what it is' tree.
Really, no one knows what it is.
The developer was suppose to put in Modesto Ash,
but our Court got ??
City workers have looked and they haven't a clue  

But I digress...

There are walkways in there...somewhere

One good thing came out of all the hustle and
bustle from this time of year
other than the obvious...

I didn't get around to keeping the weeds in check.
And look what developed,

Sweet Annie!

A huge Sweet Annie!
Now this is on the opposite side of the garden from
where I planted seeds 2 years ago,
and completely in the wrong place,
but just look at it!

It's a hearty one ☺
From what I understand you harvest just after the blooms open.
I just hope it lasts through Winter long enough for that to happen.

One amazing thing about it being so close to the sidewalk is that when you
brush by it you get that wonderful aroma!

So anxious to ''get to harvest'' it and use it in some of my projects.
I don't think I'll have to buy any this year♥♥


Thank you to RustyThimble for including my

Powder Shaker in her latest Etsy Treasury,
Give a Gift of Handmade Love

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Tomb in Your House

Cradled and comforted til you sleep

Soothed and stroked as you weep
You feel as though the walls of your tower
They would stand tall against what makes you cower
Whispered words that gave you strength of hope
That spurred you on, it helped you cope
Heat and love conspire to create
A shield to deflect all hate

Hail to a place where time stands still
Where things get turned against your will
You wish you may, you wish you might
To have had the gift of foresight
It was not all that you thought
Like the dusted photo albums that you forgot
The pages filled with the loving memories past and gone
Pursuing you, finding you even as you are withdrawn
Dreams that scar, they etch away
Trying to bring you to that new day
Dream the same thing every night
Toss and turn as your body turns white

Living a complacent existence
Not even offering up resistance
To that which curries your fear
And rips you from what you hold dear
Heard of it before, never seems to change
No wonder your brain cries out in rage
Contorted and twisted in a web of lies
Can't even look them in the eyes
It matters little, it matters not
It's the price we pay for our lot
Drew the straw at our birthright
Faced with never ending plight

Do you want to look me in the face?
Stop turning away like I'm some disgrace
But can't you see?
This person you love is no longer me
What do you mean?
Things are nothing as they seem

Take a walk and enjoy the ride
Please just stay at my side
I feel like a stranger in my house
As though there is a darkness in here to douse
It makes me wish to seek solitude
It has now all just become a habitude
To avoid presence of others
Too often dive beneath the covers

The fragmented stare when eyes meet
Conspiring in shadows, blind deceit
Worst of all, is how you cannot act
It is not your fault so don't fight back
So what am I suppose to do?
Oh if only everyone knew
The energy is gone from here
The future now remains unclear
Negativity spawns apathy
Emotionally charged insanity

Locked in cages away from light
The company of others is far too bright
Funny how a break can feel,
Turns your stomach and makes you keel
Anger comes all unchained
Unleashed from cords so strained
I cherish thoughts of times gone by
For to be in the present all I do is cry
This is a place where tears stain a blouse
I have a tomb in the middle of my house
Rising out from the ashes of discontent
The wall is the only place that I can vent
Holes punctured, testament to everlasting pain
Could not seek the wisdom i once sought, it is not the same
Horrid visions of a future with cross purposes
You learn to count the things God blesses

Strike the ticks, etched in blood
In the hopes that the tomb will wash away in the flood
Flurry of emotions raw, i just sat and prayed
Before my mind is lost, from depressions frayed
Edges of sanity are built up to hold you in
But don't forget, that strength comes from within
Nothing can get to you, but that which you let come
And do not forget, that when the tomb closes its door
It is probably best to run
Wash away the tears, blood, and sanity upon the shore...

Do not be afraid of those who want only the best
Stay a little longer at their request
You will need that shoulder to cry on now
Never thought you would have the strength to reason how
But little of that matters now, for you are alone
And it is not yet your time to atone
Fall not into a lengthy struggle
You have too many things in life to juggle
Maybe even dream away, but not to a drug
For only do they replace, they sort of shrug
Shrug them off, and still give you burden to bear
But hey my friend, I will see you there
At the end of all things...

Stephen Gellner

Monday, January 24, 2011

Etsy Treasury's

Sorry for being MIA but things have been rough here.
On top of everything, my daughter and I have walking pneumonia...oy!

Imagine my surprise when I checked my email
and found all these Etsy Treasuries that included products of mine

Last Minute Gifts... by myknittingworld

American Journalism by Frank Luther


A Bright Year Ahead by littleblackcrow

Rose Filled Heart


Folk Art Naive Art Raggedy Dolls and.... by blueshedcrafts
Do You Have a Heart on Valentine by MomsantiquesNthings

Velvet Heart Cupid Box


Etsy is not all about Edgy but Primitive, Shabby Chic, Folk Art and Naive Art Too  by blueshedcrafts

Shabby Cottage Bird Nest Door Greeter


Spring Into Spring with the Artists of ACOL by RustyThimble

Vanilla Bath Salts 


Can You Color Outside the Lines? by RustyThimble

Hyacinth Bath Salts

I want to thank all of you so much for including my items!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know you are all still are my mind.
My life is going through an upheaval at the moment.

Not sure when is will smooth out, I think I'll be on this emotional roller coaster for awhile.
I will be able to go into this a little more later on but just can't right now.
In a nutshell, my husband and I are no longer together.
My family and his are all around me for support and security.
My children and I will come through this in time, I am sure.
But we have a long and difficult time ahead of us.
Thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated for my children.
Even though adults they have been greatly damaged over the years,
and I have finally got it through my head I can't fix it.
Everyone be safe and keep warm
sending warm hugs to you all.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I HATE ANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm at war
with ANTS!
Which I hate!

I am positive that they live in our walls.
They pop up any and every where.

in the bathrooms...(yuk, they love toothpaste)
in the laundry...(just plain gross!!)
In the freezer...(yes I said freezer,
at least they killed themselves there)
in the living room...(on the couch, icky!)
in the kitchen...(in the microwave, yes it is clean!
Maybe they just wanted to warm up from the freezer?)

They make themselves right at home.

I have been chasing them back and forth
from one end of the house to the other.
Did I mention I hate ANTS!!

My Washing Machine overflowed...
You should have seen the
big black masses!

We all feel like they are always on us!

I have cleaned and cleaned.
I don't understand why they are so bad this year.
We've had a very mild Winter so far.

I have read that they don't like :

baby powder with talc
(try and find some without cornstarch.
I guess they've discovered the talc in baby powder is bad for babies.
It's a wonder how my kids made it)


(can you tell me if corn meal and
 flour are them same thing?)

(I know this does not work for sure.
There is an ant farm in my Mint patch outside!)

This is a tried and true method,
but it doesn't work so good in the house.
I got the feeling they were playing games and laughing at me.
Now I'm all for not using pesticides.
But there comes a time when
they leave you with no other choice.

I decided to play back
 and kill them with love.
I sprayed a big X and O.
I sprayed a circle around the perimeter of each room.
And then an X from corner to corner.

I would love to bomb the house.
I've been putting it off for years because of our pets.
But come Summer when it's warm enough to put them all outside
I think that is what I will have to do.

By the way did I mention...

I hate

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Found A Dress!


Finally I have found something to wear for the Wedding!
I was really starting to sweat it,
being the last date to order was the last week in Dec.
I tried on some things when we were having Melissa measured for her Bridesmaids dress.
Most I liked were discontinued..grrr.

But ended up deciding on these 2 pieces.

The top is Chiffon with Crystal Beading, Sequins

and has a Scoop neckline.
It comes with long sleeves,
 but I will have them cut to make short sleeves
upon alteration.


Blue Jay is the color I chose.

I went online and found photos in the correct color.

The skirt is also Chiffon and has several 'layers' to it
giving it an uneven hem line 
(as close as I could get to my Handkerchief Hem) 
and side slits on both sides.

Now to find accessories.
Since the top has the beading and sequins,
do I wear a necklace? or just earrings?
What do you think?

OH, and to find the perfect shoes....

what do you think about these???

Anyone gets outta line and POW!


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