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Friday, January 28, 2011


lost is what I feel
34 years is a long time
how will I ever heal
i always tried to tow the line
but I was stupid, I was dumb
nothing could I do right
all this hurt just made me numb
i suffered alone in silence

i was embarrassed so
we were the happy couple
what would people say if they were to know
fists, furry, rage
clean it up, patch it up
all is fine, it never happened.
the shattered cup
the broken vine, a spirit flattened

our children paid the toll
did you ever truly love us?
we certainly couldn't tell by your actions
here a shove, there a push
you always had to buy the best of things
we were never enough for you
hurtful, mean, unfaithful
liar, boastful, fool

you've made your bed
and in it you lie
enjoy it my love
for alone, you will die.

deb newton 2011


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