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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fertilizer Friday ~

This was originally written a few weeks ago,
 pre-life upside down....

It's tootsietime!!

Well, we've finally been dumped on....

no, not lucky enough for snow...

I mean leaves

leaves from my neighbors Weeping Willow...

and from our 'no body knows what it is' tree.
Really, no one knows what it is.
The developer was suppose to put in Modesto Ash,
but our Court got ??
City workers have looked and they haven't a clue  

But I digress...

There are walkways in there...somewhere

One good thing came out of all the hustle and
bustle from this time of year
other than the obvious...

I didn't get around to keeping the weeds in check.
And look what developed,

Sweet Annie!

A huge Sweet Annie!
Now this is on the opposite side of the garden from
where I planted seeds 2 years ago,
and completely in the wrong place,
but just look at it!

It's a hearty one ☺
From what I understand you harvest just after the blooms open.
I just hope it lasts through Winter long enough for that to happen.

One amazing thing about it being so close to the sidewalk is that when you
brush by it you get that wonderful aroma!

So anxious to ''get to harvest'' it and use it in some of my projects.
I don't think I'll have to buy any this year♥♥


Thank you to RustyThimble for including my

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