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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fertilizer Friday! 7/8/10 and ID Help

It's Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time!

Come join and see everyone's gardens ☺

What is it about BIG bees I love??
Don't know, just do!
He sure is enjoying my Sweet Peas.

a baby Dragonfly towards bottom of photo

two mid photo in this one
The Dragonfly pond has been loaded with larvae

Agapanthus/Lily of the Nile
Always blooms around the 4th of July

Petunia chair being covered by Honeysuckle...
smells heavenly ☺

Mimosa (I think)
These things pop up all over the yard
thanks to my neighbor who has a huge one.
We decided to let this one grow, but keep reigns on it.

sweet old fashioned single pink Hollyhocks
these reseed freely

I've been picking Tomatoes regularly

and the Figs are ripening like crazy

Need to find time to make some jam!

There's Mr Mocking Bird helping himself to some figs

We have an understanding...
He can have the ones way up high,
but the ones within my reach are mine ;)

Last year he tried renegotiating but I wouldn't budge!


OK I'm sending out the word here for HELP!!

Those of you who follow along know my Oldest
and his girlfriend have a
great Veggie Garden going.

Some of the seeds he has planted were from back
when my Dad has his huge one.
Dad saved seed and over the years the paper bags
he had them in aged and tore.
The seeds got all mixed up.

Some were identifiable, some weren't.
All got planted.
Believe it or not almost all of the 10+ year old seed grew!

There are some plants that we can't figure out what they are.
They don't bare any veg/fruit, per se.
Not sure if they were weeds seeds that got mixed in...there were a lot tho.
So I'm hoping someone can't help ID this plant...

It's about 3' tall
large heart shaped leaves 

Here's a top portion of the plant
we broke off.
It has yellow bell shaped flowers.

With large seed pods? 

that darken and get hard

with tiny black seeds inside

Can't see anything edible on these
and can't figure out what they were doing in with his veggies seeds.
Tried to ID it as a veggie and weed but no luck.
Hoping maybe you know what this mystery plant is.



Thanks to Larry and Dar for IDing the mystery plant.
It is Abutilon theophrasti, Velvetleaf Weed.
AKA China Jute, Buttonweed, Butterprint, Pie-maker or Indian Mallow.

'Velvetleaf has become an invasive species in agricultural regions of the eastern and midwestern United States. It is one of the most detrimental weeds to corn causing decreases of up to 34% of crop yield if not controlled and costing hundreds of millions of dollars per year in control and damage. Velvetleaf is an extremely competitive plant, so much so that it can steal nutrients and water away from crops.'

Where's the Roundup!!??


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