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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fireworks and an Update

We lit up the night sky on the 4th to celebrate out Nations Independence.

OK, maybe not the sky, but our Court in front of our home ;)

Brandon playing pyrotechnics....

Melissa and Tanya...loving this picture ☺

and the hazy aftermath...


There were lots of illegal Fireworks all around us,
(as usual) ...
dangerous but very pretty...
I'm just too slow with the camera :(

~~Update on Cyndar and Baylee~~

I've had several of you ask how they were doing.

I'm glad to say very well!!

Cyndar is back to Sentry Duty...

We are not letting her jump or run as per Dr orders...

but that is easier said than done.

Try stopping a 170 freight train when it's determined...
we've taken a few spills trying.

We're watching her weight and
she is now on Rymidal.

Katie doing the "chow chow chow" dance
who said my pets weren't talented?? 

 Cyndar at the ready ☺ 

As for Baylee,
she is also doing well ☺

Enjoying the sun...

and back to complaining...

yup, still complaining

She has full use of her leg which has healed beautifully.
The Dr said the fur would come back darker..
and she was right.

So far no signs of more lumps...
keeping fingers crossed.

Wishing everyone beautiful smells and big barks!! 


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