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Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Bust!

Please pop over and see what treasure everyone found!

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Well, last weekend was disappointing, to say the least.
The weather was beautiful,
so I expected to see LOTS of garage sales...
no such luck.
My daughter and I hit a small one and picked up
a pink Depression Glass plate and a container of small ornaments.

I'm sure the plate is a reproduction, but it's still pretty
and for a buck I couldn't leave it there.
I'll figure out some crafty thing to do
with the ornaments (.50) come winter.

We then stopped in at Salvation Army.
Their prices are kinda high, but we were desperate!
I walked out with this pretty pillow sham ($2)
and a Rosemary Tile ($1)

Depressed by the lack of the hunt
we headed over to the Antiques Mall.
With 15 vendors, there's always lots of
eye candy to cheer ya up ☺

I walked out with some great magazines ($1 ea).
 I'm a magazine-aholic.
With prices for mags are through the roof,
love it when I nice find used ones.

I noticed this vintage reindeer candle ($1),
she's lost her wick but I fell for her.

Then I spied an adorable napkin holder ($5).
Not sure if you can see, but it is a cup of coffee
with steam rising.
I'm going to use it to hold by Mr Clean Eraser.
It will keep it right at reach.

I've been looking for shelves to place on top of
a small cabinet I have in the living room.

When I saw this hutch I knew it would work.
I do need to give it a light makeover,
but love the shape.

So, I guess we turned a dud Saturday around!


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