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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Garden in Bloom...

Be sure to jump over to Tootsie Time to see
what everyone is flaunting for
Fertilizer Friday!

Come along while I take my morning
stroll through the garden...

The Lime, I received for Easter from my
sister and her hubby, seems to be doing good (center of pic)

while the Meyer Lemon they gave me a few years ago
has buds!

some of the Lilacs are done blooming...

time to dehead...

If you leave the spent blooms on the plant,
the lilac will put most of its energy into seed production 
instead of making flower buds for next year.

the Honeysuckle is just about to burst!

blooms on the Tomatos

OOO a baby Tomato!!

and Strawberries!

Roses on parade...

Lady Banks Rose climbs up and old 
wooden patio umbrella frame 

I love the sweet scent of the Mock Orange,
it's covered in blooms

stop and smell the Lilacs ☺

check the wild bird feeder...

Oh Look! Cherry Plums

the other side of the pond

Mornin' guys!

peek a boo

Keets are a chirpin'

 this Honeysuckle on the other side of the house
has some blooms open.
Between the Mock Orange and Honeysuckle is smells
like Heaven!
(ingore the other stuff you see.
This is where I paint
and we store stuff)

the "Fairy Walk"

which leads to the Tortoises

It was finally warm enough over the weekend
to put them out side in their summer enclosure.
Meat Boris and Natasha, our Russian Tortoises.

Of course, Boris only has one thing on his mind....
there he goes bobbing his head up and down.

run Natashia, run!

She got smart!
He doesn't see her up there

when I left, he was running around looking for her! LOL

ah yes, another fine morning...

and all is right with the world

For now anyway...


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