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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mutt and Jeff

The start to a brand new week!
Happy Monday to everyone!

Please join Mary for Mosaic Monday over at  Little Red House
to see more wonderful mosaics.

Ahh, our pets.
What would we do without them.
Bored that's what!
They sure can be characters
that can entertain us for hours.

We have a Great Dane, Cyndar
and a Chihuahua, Katie.
Don't let anyone fool you,
Katie is the Queen of the house
and rules the roost.
Cyndar says "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am". LOL
But they are good friends who love to bathe each other.

Cyndar has some not so suttle hints
 when she wants something....

a drink perhaps?

or a bite to eat?

You can usually tell her mood......

curious and nosy

and somedays it's just not worth the effort.

Last week I had to take both, Katie and Cyndar,
 to the Vet for their routine exams and vaccines.

I truly do not know how they sense where they are going.
I don't think I do anything different from any other time they go for rides.

But Cyndar knew
and figured she'd hide

The Vet needed to draw some blood for lab work
and had trouble finding Cyndar's veins.
So she got poked a couple of times...which she didn't approve of.
She was mad at me for letting that bad Dr. do that to her
and sulked with her back toward me the rest of the day.

But it really didn't last long...
Mom knows how to bring her out of her funk.


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