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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In a Pinch.....

I'm joining:

 Michelle over at Someday Crafts for Whatever Goes Wednesday

and Jill from Women Who Do It All for Idea Sharin' Wednesday

OK, So I'm repainting the living room this Summer,
yes, I know it's just Spring,
but since I only paint one wall at a time,
usually a couple weeks apart....
you see where I'm going with this don't you?

Anyway, some of the things in the living room are staying
just getting a minor makeover to fit the new color scheme.
Like this frame.
 A couple years ago I found it at a garage sale brought it home,
made and added the polymer clay
appliques and painted it pink.

Since I've chosen Mid Day Mocha by Glidden for the walls,
 I plan to use different shades of white for the accents.

So a repaint was in order for the frame.
Here it is in Antique White.
It looked...ok, but
not quite where I wanted it to go.

I was wishing I had some stain on hand.....
I had some brown paint I could water down to give it a "brown wash" ?
Then the light bulb went on.
I had just made and used dark instant coffee
to age some fabric and paper I needed for a swap I'm in.
Wonder if I can use the leftover?

Well I slopped some on, being sure it got into the crevices

dabbed it off...

and what do you know
I liked it!
It knocked it down just enough.

So if you're ever in a pinch
make up some strong instant coffee
and use it as stain.
Not only will it look great,
you get a coffee scented room freshener too!!!


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