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Monday, July 13, 2009


We were doing pretty good today until we received a knock at the door.
The local Florist was there with a pretty bouquet of
Carnations, Gerberas, Bells of Ireland, Statice & more inside a sweet
ceramic Coffee Cup with the quote
"Friendship Are The Flowers In Life's Garden".
We looked at it & couldn't figure out who it could be from.
We opened the card...
they were from our Veterinarian's Office with condolences for the loss of Toby.
We looked at each other and none of us could speak.
Needless to say we cried all over again.
This was such a touching gesture
which in today's world of bottom lines & business
have gone by the wayside.
We were so lucky 15 years ago to have moved to this small town
where my Father was born,
where people are still friendly, know most everyone by name
and still has compassion.
We have the best Vets & staff in the world. They are always there, even for the smallest questions and available 24/7. Dr Wallace & her family live behind the office. She has met us there in the middle of the night when my daughter's cat had heart failure. Then again when our 14 yr old Husky's body failed her, to supply us with answers and guidance. And when my youngest son's new kitten couldn't stop coughing to find out she was born with an enlarged heart and would need medication for the rest of her life...and many more too many numerous times to mention.
Doing their job? Yes, but they are so devoted to the animals
and to the people who care for them.
So it is comforting to have a professional who takes time to do the little things, sometimes it's the littlest things that mean the most.

Thank you Dr. Cathy Wallace, Dr. Tina Faulkner
and staff from the bottom of our hearts.


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