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Monday, July 13, 2009

Day Trek

When I was little, Mom & Dad would pile us in the car and go for "a ride".
Usually we drove by neighbors farms to see how the crops were coming.
Sometimes we would drive to places we hadn't been in a while...
usually into the hills & canyons.
I always loved those. Guess it was the country girl inside me ;~)
A few days ago, I decided to take my 3 youngest on a trek/adventure.
Destination unknown.
They took turns telling me which way to go, they liked that!
We went through tiny little farm towns and
ended up at a State Park we didn't even know existed!
Turlock Lake State Recreation Area
What a neat place and had such a nice Park Ranger.
When she found we were only staying for a bit
she waved the entrance fee!
then she gave us a free "Save Our Natural Resources" Frisbee,
How cool is that!
The Lake had different areas,
a boat launch, viewing area, campground, picnic area with bbq's,
swimming areas, campfire center and.....
a little beach...

Even islands...

Then we saw Canadian Geese They were picking and eating the grass and probably bugs too As we got closer some decided to head to the water The we remembered we had some popcorn in the car. When they saw we were throwing it out for them they came flying back! I think they enjoyed it, we did ;~) No this isn't photo shopped. Just happened! Then we found........ More to follow....


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