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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day Trek Continued

After the Lake we headed south, back towards home.
There were a few unusual sights....
we caught one on film.
Now usually at the entrances to farms there are
related farm items attached to the entrance posts,
ie. horns, brands, western iron silhouettes, etc.
As we passed a few farms in the area where we were,
we started to wonder exactly what they had put on these.
I slowed down and stopped at the next one.
Yes it was a bike!
A little further down the road we stumbled upon a treasure!!!
Wild Berries!!!!

Lots and lots of Wild Berries!

We had a plastic bag so TJ & I got out & picked & picked! Then, wouldn't you know it, I got the bag stuck on a thorn, it ripped & all those berries went flying! GRRR I tied up the bag as best as I could. I wasn't leaving empty handed! We picked again ;~)

Not too bad a haul. They were sooo sweet. We headed home after that...thanks to Garmin ;~) You didn't think I'd go get lost without a surefire way to get back home did you? hmmmm, now what to make with all those yummy berries.......


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