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Monday, September 25, 2017

Revamping of a Skull

Before I got sick I was working on something totally different...for me anyway.
Years ago I bought this cow skull from a neighbor who was moving. It's been hanging on my fence in my rural garden area in the backyard for years.
I had just decided I was tired of looking at it and was ready to discard it.
Then I got an idea...yes, very dangerous!

I have been going thru my Treasure Piles trying to use up what I have and not purchasing anything else until they are pretty well down...purging if you must.

I have a ton of beads, along with odds and ends jewelry.
I decided to paint the skull white, it had turned grayish from the elements.
She looked really good after the paint job.
Then I decided to dress her up.

Out came pearls, glass beads, vintage jewelry buttons and whatever else I could find to bring the picture in my head to life. 

I started embellishing.

I decided I didn't want to cover the entire face,
so I left about a quarter of it plain.

I used hot glue to wrap the base of the horns with jute.

I didn't really have a plan in mind, just hot glued
what I thought looked good as I went.

This is the way she ended up.
Yeah, kinda quirky, but cool.
I like it, it's something different for sure!
Total cost: $0 


  1. Fabulous stash bust...my uncle has loads of them all about his farm - helps that he is a farmer...I should ask him for one - bet my jewelry stash is much greater than yours!

  2. Very creative! I don't think I would have thought to 'bling' out a cow skull! Thanks for joining TTF this week!


  3. Beats a dead deer head on the wall any day! Lovin' it !

  4. This is what I call "thinking outside the box". Totally genius!

  5. This is what I call "thinking outside the box". Totally genius!

  6. Love it. Great use of vintage jewelry. Inspiring!


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