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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Personalized Plain Photo Frames

I've been told I have too many family photos in my home.
I don't listen to the nay sayers - they don't live here I do and like to surround myself with my family, whether in person or in photos (past or present)
So there :p

I love to pick up plain frames at the Dollar Store, yard sale or any where I find them inexpensive then customize them to my liking.
I use everything from vintage jewelry to buttons to whatever suits my fancy ;)

Recently I picked up a small one for my newest Grand to go next to the one I have already of my first Grand on my refrigerator.
Never enough photos of those precious babies!

Since this one was a boy I wanted to decorate it in blue.
First I gave it a coat of blue craft paint I had so if any of the frame peeked through it wouldn't be so noticeable. 

Then out came buttons, beads, jewelry, etc. anything blue!
Since this frame was a little smaller I put the photo in and added the embellishments around as to not block the photo.

I ended up using the teeniest blue buttons. After playing around with other things, I realized I didn't want it frou frou, he was after all a BOY.  OK, I did add a couple blue pearls in the end ;)

I did come across a clear heart button. Since it was clear it really didn't show up very well when added. I got out some bluish tinsel nail polish I had and painted it.  Then went over it with some light blue glitter nail polish. The tinsel and glitter really made it pop!

Too many projects at once. 
A cluttered work space means a creative mind, right?
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Katie waits patiently.
Yeh, she's bored ~

The finished product!
I love how it turned out with the soft blues and 
the heart button up in the corner.

It was going on my refrigerator so 
I glued a magnet on the back :)

There they are, side by side.
The first time I held each one, right
 after delivery in the hospital.

A few other frames I've done in the past ~

Over the top... 

to simpler

what I'm working on now :)

So maybe next time you see a frame that's a plain Jane,
 rethink her into a Marvelous Marilyn


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