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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Do You Save Your Christmas Cards?

When I was little I used to help my Mom by putting the postage stamps on the envelopes of the Christmas cards. That was back when we had to lick them...yuk.  One of my favorite things, (not the licking part) was waiting for them to come flooding in from all over the country! My Dad was in WWII so they had friends from many states and this was their once a year catch up with each other. We had a huge family and cards went out to them too. She must have sent 100's out. Christmas cards decorated the house - placed on lamp shades, hung from book shelve edges, I don't know why but it was very touching for me even at such a young age.

We would always save our Birthday cards in scrapbooks, do you remember those big ol' hardcover ones?
Geesh, we had tons of scrapbooks.
I think I may have one left in my cedar chest but after graduating High School who needed those "baby" things anymore. Yep, I tossed them. Of course now I wish I would have kept them. I sure have gotten sentimental as I've aged.

As a young adult I sent out my fair share of Christmas cards. I would always have them ready by Thanksgiving, so I could mail them the next day. I wanted everyone to receive mine first! LOL
Then stamp prices went up, people cut back on the tradition due to the cost. It was sad.

I would find some way to recycle the beautiful cards. When my kids were little, I would cut out the pictures from the front of the card, punch holes around the perimeter, give them some yarn and have them lace the cards. Made for cute little Grandparent gifts. I'd also make gift tags for the next years gifts.

This year I decided to keep my cards - the few I receive (sadly most from companies I do business with :( ) ,and make a Junk Journal or Smash Book whatever you want to call it.

 I have already started one to look through when I'm feeling down - it's an ongoing process and I add to it as I please. It's a cheer me up book.:) I add things to it that make me smile - a movie ticket, a napkin....you get the idea. But that's for another post.

So back to the Christmas cards ~
The biggest thing you must remember is there are
you make and do to it what you like!

I picked the largest card to place on the outside,

placed the others inside. They get placed inside each other. This is called a signature.
I did keep some out to decorate with.

I didn't insert them according to size, 
I just stuck them in - 
with the outside card being the largest you won't see the other cards edges when all is done.

You have some options when it comes to making the signature.
You can staple the cards in the middle (my stapler doesn't reach that far)

or tying with yarn and gluing.

Since I don't receive many cards I only made one signature. If you receive a lot of cards you may want to make more, so as to not have too thick of a signature.

Now I wanted a sturdier cover to put these in.
Look what just happened to be laying around ~
I removed the top and bottom flaps from the cracker box.

Found the side seam and opened the box up

I cut off the extra side flap

I needed to make sure the cards would be covered by the "cover"

By leaving the one side of the box intact (spine) with so much room left, I thought I could keep adding to it each year

 Once the box was cut to the correct size I wanted to cover it.
I hadn't put Christmas wrappings away yet 
and found this gift bag laying on top.
It seemed to be a good size to use.

First followed the seams and opened it up so it was flat, then  I cut the handle off

Glued to the front of the box, 
I used a fake credit card to make sure it adhered good, work any bubbles out, and flatten seam creases

Inside front

Completed outside

The cover!

 Hey, creative minds make a mess,
so I've heard ;)

Embellish as you please or not, it's all up to you.
Add mementos from the season ~ we purchased a Norfolk Island Pine, so I included it's tags and even used the paper it was wrapped in for some of the ''pages'' backgrounds.
I left some cards with messages as they were, so I can look back on them. I only wish I had thought of this a few years sooner.

I used a gold sharpie to write 2016 on the first card

Signature tied to cover

Front embellished, bells added to ties 


There's plenty of room to add more signatures for years to come,
Can't wait until it's nice and fat, lol

If you're into Scrap Booking, Journaling, Smash Books, Junk Journals, Art Journals, etc. my cousin has some great supplies in her shop! 


  1. Cute idea! I love Christmas cards and the tradition too and save them all. This looks fun.

    1. Thank you, so glad you like it. It is fun and nice to look back on. A great way to neaten things up ;)

  2. What a great idea to save the card you do not want to throw away.

    1. Thank you. Some cards are so pretty, you just hate to toss. A nice way to store them ♥

  3. This would be a great idea for wedding or baby gift cards. I have a box of cards from my marriage in 1966. You have inspired me!

    1. Exactly! So glad I have inspired you!! Have fun reminiscing ♥

  4. What a clever idea:) After saving a few years, I toss my cards, but always feel kinda sad when I do. Some are so pretty and some have special messages inside. Thank-you for the idea. I have done some junk journaling in the past...why didn't I think of that?!?!?!
    Thank-you for sharing.

  5. LOL I hear ya! I did the same thing. Then my light bulb finally lit (it does that on occasion). Wish I would have done it so much sooner, family/friends have passed, would have loved to have their cards and messages now.
    Have fun ♥

  6. I go through the cards and make a list of those who sent us card this year. I include that list inside the box bin in which I keep unused cards. Some of the cards are recycled into special cards I make for close friends and neighbors. I purchase blank cards and make new ones by using the recycled card fronts. Some I cut down to size or cut around with special edging scissors.

  7. I do the same thing with my list! Such a great way to recycle those gorgeous cards! It's so fun to receive handmade cards ♥

  8. Wonderful ideas...I've been saving cards forever and keep saying I have to throw them out...however. now I have to start this new project. So many cards, so little time...maybe I'll start with this year and work backwards. We send and receive less cards now than in the past so that would probably be less intimidating. Did I say I'm 82 now and have boxes of cards from many years gone by. Just going through them will be a trip down memory lane.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    1. That sounds like a plan Ellie! I'm so glad you kept them! What a treat to be able to go back thru them an reminisce. When my sister and I had to clean out the family farm we came upon boxes of old cards Mom had saved. They stopped us in our tracks! We sat and went thru some, remembering long ago relatives and family friends that are no longer with us.

      We were so overwhelmed, at the time, by the amount of items our depression era parents had not just in the house, but barn , shop, sheds, grainery, and all the out buildings - we set them in the to go pile.

      we had already overflowed our own homes as much as we could could with things we wanted to keep.

      It took 2 years of weekends to clear it out. We had many estate sales and were always packed with people. Believe it or not a lady bought all the boxes of Mom's cards. I felt a twinge when she took them...I felt a lot of twinges tho.

      NOW - Years later, I wish I would have kept them. I have good memories of visiting all this relatives that I really didn't know that well.

      On the weekends we'd drive to visit some relative - we had lots back then. Our family has shrunk so much. To be one of 3 in the oldest generation was quite an eye opener when it happened! LOL Never thought of me in this generation. LOL A little short sightedness on my part! I was always the baby of the entire family, what happened? LOL

  9. I love your ideas for this book. I choose my favorite cards and fold them into "German Bells" and hang them for decorations the following year. I have given many Bells to others and used them to embellish a gift when I wrap it. It usually starts a conversation and that is when I suggest they hang it on their tree as a decoration. I have seen many in my friends homes. Thanks for sharing your idea. Hope you will try my idea. I know you can find directions on Pinterest.

    1. That's so neat that you can make those! I've seen them, but they intimidate me. I bet the look cute on top of gifts and, of course, hanging on the tree. Maybe I'll try next year ♥ Wish me luck ;)

    2. How do you make German Bells and/or where can I find the directions to do so?


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