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Sunday, January 24, 2016

How Do You Get Permanent Marker Out Of Linen?

We have a local Church that has the
 bestest rummage sale every year.
I get so excited when I see it announced in the paper
.( That may be the only reason I subscribe!)
They have such a variety of items that people donate and at such reasonable prices. I was going to say I love to go through the linens, but I really like going through the dishes too. Oh and the household things, some you can't even figure out what they are (half the fun). They have plants too that the parishioners start from plants in their gardens. I love that, some of the old time plants aren't in nurseries and this is a fantastic way to get them. Oy, I could go on and on.... this year I happened to find a pale pink Damask Tablecloth. The ladies who work the sale always look for spot/stains put masking tape around the folded item and write any imperfections and the size of the item.  Well, someone, probably the donor, wrote the size in marker on the corner of the tablecloth.   The price was most reasonable and I figured there must be some way to remove it.
I searched an searched the web, and of course, Pinterest.
Got lots of ideas. Wrote them all down, starting with the most delicate working to the strongest.

Milk ~

 I rubbed gently after soaking
not much difference

 Hand Sanitizer ~

 Applied and let soak

 blotted several times
removed most, but some still remained

 Rubbing Alcohol ~
blotted, removed a tad more

Hairspray ~
Sprayed heavily, let sit then blotted
removed a bit more, but was still left with faded

At that point I threw it in the washer with Oxyclean
and left it soak there for 2 days....I didn't want to deal
with it any more! LOL

After washing this is what it looked like

Not too shabby, eh?

Not sure which one broke it down or
if they all helped or
if I just should have soaked it in Oxy or
if I should have just left it at the sale!

Then after all that this pops up, where I can't remember.

Yeh, right!!!!


  1. Not crazy, but delightfully creative, an adventuring spirit! I love it!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Hoping no one uses permanent marker this year! LOL

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share the process and progress. You have a lot of patience!

  3. Good for you! Do you know how to get ink off of leather without taking the color off the leather?

    1. Funny you should ask. I just noticed one blue and one black pen line on my purse! Will be researching that soon, hopefully and write a post on my findings. Hope I don't end up with light spots on my green purse!


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