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Monday, January 25, 2016

#CraftyPaws Dryer Sheets Box Mission #sweepsentry

I was chosen from the Snuggle Den to get fun and crafty using the Snuggle Dryers Sheets box to make a decoration or craft in the Crafty Paws mission.

By now you know me, I'm pretty frugal so when it came to creating something that you would normally toss, I was game!

The dryer sheets were just a fab bonus! I love the fragrance of Snuggle because the scent lasts a long time, so it was a win win situation for me :)

I have wanted to try making "puffed stars" for quite some time now. It's probably very simple for some people but for some reason was intimidating for me. I decided it was time to try it.

I opened the carefully along all the "seams" for a flat piece of cardboard.

I went online and found a template, resized it (that proved a feat, in and of itself!), not sure why I made 2 but I did. I guess in case I messed one up. Traced them, then cut them out.

Scored where I wanted them to "puff" or be dimensional and folded them on the scores.   I used hot glue to stick them together.  I decided to paint them gold then top off with glitter, of course ;)

You could add a hook for a Christmas decoration, make more for a garland (cute for a little girl's Princess Party), a mobile, my mind is spinning with ideas!  For now Snuggles is going to enjoy them, after all he really should have his own Gold Star!

Making the puffy stars turned out easier than I thought. I'm sure there will be more twinkling in my future!

Next time you get ready to toss something, see if you can think of what you could make with it. You just may be surprised ;)

I received Snuggle Dryers Sheets for free from the Bear Den.

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