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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Home Tour 2015

There may have been 18 days left until Christmas when I took these photos,
but there are a few less now!

This year silver and white seemed to be what I leaned toward.
And I love it!

Always must include Grandma's crocheted bell!

 I had a thing for Reindeer this year too

My late Aunt Betty crocheted the tablecloth
I used for the tree skirt this year.

Coming through the entryway I glued
Snowflakes together for a garland.
Thanks Dollar Tree :) 

Viewing from the other side.
I wish I was able to get them higher.
But we all are having some medical issues,
(no climbing ladders)
so maybe next year I'll get them higher and longer.

Entryway Snowman collection

and more.

I wanted to display Mom's old ornaments and
decided to stack some of my family's vintage candy dishes
on a mirrored window I had.
Mom's Mercury garland winds through my "Snow Babies"

Love the Indents and spotted ones.

I picked up this Mercury Glass? candle Holder
at a church rummage sale for a song and it's my new fav!

Icicles hand from the "outside" of
 Jack Frost's Snowflake Café

Every year I buy one of these,
Cypress Indoors European Tree®
 (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana).
I think the branches/needles are pretty.
But each year I kill it :(
Anyone have any luck with them?

Winter Wonderland in the Conservatory

The Heirloom Christmas Stockings I made this year for my Children and Granddaughter. 

Mantel Shelf

Got these ornaments for free at the end of a yard sale,
actually a whole tub full of different kinds.
The lady just wanted to get rid of everything.
I think they are so pretty.
Need to find a better way next year to display them

Need to find the right Santa for the sleigh.

yes, I just realized the sleigh is in front of the Reindeer :?
Hey, at least they made it up!

Mini ornament tree.
Mini's we have received over the years.

S'mores Tree

Christmas Candles
The large Santa was my Mom's
I couldn't wait to have her bring it out every year

Our mischievous Elf photo bombing!

The gold Christmas Tree was also my Mom's

Not again!
Is yours mischievous too?

I recently found not one but two Angels Blowing Kisses!!
I haven't found any for so long,
I was ecstatic to find these at a little shop
while attending the Gustine Olde
Fashioned Christmas Festival. 
 I really needed these, even if they are the same.

I picked up the old plastic Santa and Reindeer
at a barn sale a while back.
Reminds me of my childhood.

My Mr. Christmas Ornament Collection
from my cousin who gives me one each year.

Ceramic Christmas Tree my Sister made
 for me back in the late 80's.
I always use it as a night light in the hall bath.

Wishing you and yours a Happy, Healthy,
Very Merry Christmas!!


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