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Friday, December 11, 2015

Clean House and Pets: Can They Coexist?

I have a guest post today!
I am so pleased to present to you Anna Aamone.
She currently runs a small company 
Domestic Cleaners Abbey Wood 
in London, England
and loves to share her experience and tips.
Today she is sharing with us tips on
how to keep our homes clean if we have pets

Providing excellent cleaning of your property can be a real challenge especially when you have a pet at home. Having a pet at home means that you need to deal with additional cleaning tasks and to devote more time on such activities. It is true that possessing a sparkling clean home when you have at least one pet is almost impossible but there are tricky ways in which you can make your home more comfortable and cozy.

Pets can make a lot of menaces on the surfaces and you need to check constantly whether the space needs cleaning. Everything depends on the time that you devote on cleaning and on your willingness that you demonstrate when you clean the rooms. Obviously, when you have a pet at home you will have a lot to clean and it is not a secret that many people are reluctant to take a pet, exactly for that reason.

Thanks to this article, you will receive valuable tips that will help you to clean your home perfectly even when you have a pet at home.

Here are several tips from Islington DeluxeCleaners to consider when you deal with the cleaning:
Provide Vacuuming and Mopping On a Regular Basis
It is needless to say that when you have a dog or a cat at home, you will need to provide special cleaning of the carpets and surfaces. Carpets easily accumulate the dirt and for that reason it is better to vacuum them on a regular basis, at least twice a week. As far as the floors are concerned, they will also need additional cleaning. Be prepared to deal with stains and odours from different origin and to try different cleaners.

Teach the Pets Some Basic Habits
It is clear that if you do not teach your cat how to use the toilet, you will inevitably need to provide additional cleaning of the rooms. Dogs, on the other hand are easily taught of some basic habits and do not cause much problems with the cleaning. Of course, in case you want to have your house perfectly cleaned up to the highest standards, you should educate your pet in an appropriate manner. It is not the easiest task but you want to possess ideally cleaned home for a longer time, you need to follow some simple rules.

More pets, More Cleaning
Having more pets at home means that you will need to deal with more cleaning tasks. This means that you had better think carefully before you take more than one pet at home. Take into account the fact that having a pet means to get your house cleaned more often than usual. Discuss this issue with other family members and decide whether you will be able to deal with all the tasks, concerning the pet and to pay attention to maintain your home ideally cleaned at the same time. Do not seek for perfection in cleaning when you have a pet but try to clean the surfaces as often as possible.

These are the most important things to consider when you have a pet at home. Do not forget to clean the rooms and the surfaces on a regular basis, if you really want to have cosy and welcoming home. Having a pet does not mean that you cannot have a clean home, however, you should pay attention to details and to supply yourself with excellent cleaning equipment. Now roll up sleeves and be ready to take up with the complete cleaning of your home. Then spend some quality time with your lovely pet.
Thank you so much Anna for sharing
 your wonderful tips with us especially
during this Holiday Season!


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