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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yard Clean Up

Every morning I go out and work in the garden, a bit at a time.
I'm doing a major clean and prune.

Clearing out a lot of dead wood (yep, still removing dead wood ;) )from the Roses and other plants.

Pruning and raking, pruning and raking.......

I don't have any before photos, but let me tell you between the ones growing up and the others growing down, it was like a jungle. similar to this!

Here's my pile thus far for pick up come November. Yes, they only pick up yard waste from November to February...grrr

It gets a little taller and wider each day.
This is from only a portion of the backyard.
I have more sections to still clean up and
we  need to chainsaw the bigger limbs.

Then comes the front yard clean up!

We were lucky to get a bit of rain the other day and it felt SO good.
Even the plants were smiling!
I have lost some to the drought but the well established plants are doing fine - so far.

My Lilacs are really suffering. They have lost all their leaves but one decided it was going to rebloom anyway! So I plucked the sweet smelling flowers and made a little puny bouquet

The two inside the conservatory are dried Roses I happened to put together over the Summer. They reside in little cobalt blue jars.


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